Sunday, November 29, 2009


Recently I've been thinking a lot about change. Change is one of those sometimes dreaded, even difficult necessities. Other times, of course, it can be most welcomed. But, it's an inevitability nonetheless. And all though there is change we have no control over, I've come to realize, over my short lifetime of 30 years, that change can and should be embraced and can ultimately be loved for what it truly is, regardless of how it comes. I've come to be grateful for change, even, and most especially, the difficult ones. I have to say here, first, that there hasn't been any real big changes in my life recently, nothing that would blow any one's socks off or anything, nothing that would seemingly make a huge, or even a slight impact on my life. But, do you ever get the feeling like the subtle, small changes taking place in your life will one day, in retrospect, be noted as the bench mark experience(s) that will have lead you to some place in life you never really expected to be, or maybe some place you've dreamed of being but didn't really feel like it was going to be a part of your life simply because from the vantage point of current circumstances it just didn't even seem possible? I don't feel like I'm putting into words very well what I'm feeling, and maybe it's because I can't exactly put my finger on it yet, I don't know. What I do know is that it's a good feeling, a peaceful feeling and it is blessing me to be able to let "come what may, and love it." It's that feeling that all these little changes happening, cumulatively speaking, will one day, in retrospect, amount to a big change in who I am and what I'll be and what I will be doing. I suppose what's hard sometimes about change is that you don't realize or let yourself see the big picture, and because of that, it can be difficult to appreciate the challenge of change because, from our limited view point, it doesn't seem like it could possibly lead to anything greater.

So, I sit here today, in gratitude for this little lesson of life....That the change that takes place in our lives, even the ones, and probably most especially the ones beyond our personal control(because these seem to be the ones hardest for us to deal with, accept, and least for me), are indeed the catalysts to something greater, something beyond us, beyond ourselves. I say beyond ourselves only because I know that without the guiding hand of an all knowing and all loving Father in Heaven in our lives, there could never be anything greater , and we alone could never make anything truly great of ourselves. It is this faith and hope that can carry us through these changes in our lives. It enables us to recognize change for what is really is and know with assurance that it is meant to be used for our good and betterment. It is truly a gift from God. Thus, we can grow to love with all of our hearts and be full of gratitude for, embrace and look forward to all the change that has and will come in our lives.


Jessica Goodwin said...

President Hinckley once spoke about how a little movement at the hinge makes the gate open wide. He was referring to the little decisions we make that make a huge difference later.

I agree with you. Sometimes the smallest changes now can have huge effects later.

John said...

In the book "The Express" (about Ernie Davis, who was signed by the Cleveland Browns but died of leukemia before playing a single pro game) is a clever quote I like by the author, Robert C. Gallagher, and it say it all:

"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine."

Harrison Ford said,

"We all have changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance."

Dad (more chances than a cat with nine lives)

Carol L said...

Hi Owen and Shasta,
Carl is in Haiti and our lives just keep getting fuller and busier. We are richly blessed. Change is growth. We love you and your family so much. You are amazing examples!! I can't wait to see you again. Probably this summer. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and the wonderful pictures of an eternal family, part of my eternal family!! Yeah!!
We love you,
Carol and Carl and the Bell clan

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